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Hyundai Veloster HD App Racing Game Trailer for iOS

Видео Hyundai Veloster HD App Racing Game Trailer for iOS, смотреть онлайн. Take a virtual spin in the all-new Hyundai Veloster Racing Game. The Veloster HD App is a fun filled racing game that features the all-new 2012 Veloster. In celebration of the Veloster global debut, we wanted to create an app to capture its innovative style and design, and also allow customers to test drive and interact from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a customer, a fan, or a curious gamer, we hope you download and enjoy. With brilliant graphics, realistic 3D physics engine, and multiple tracks, and an unlockable Genesis Coupe, push your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to the limits. For maximum clarity and quality, the Veloster HD supports the Retina Display. You also play on a TV or external monitor wirelessly with Apple AirPlay and Apple TV, or via HDMI, component, or composite cables. Multiplayer support is also included via WiFi or Bluetooth connections. To learn more about Hyundai or the Veloster, visit . Download for Free in iTunes: itunes.apple.com
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| 31 мая 2012
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